News & Resources

In this section you will find resources of all kinds, including sermons, news, articles and information, and links to others sites and blogs.  The ASF blogs have been moved to their own “Blogs” page.

One of the blessings of the internet is that resources can be shared easily with others. The Anglican Network In Canada (ANiC) Website is a good place to start. There, you will find great range of resources for Biblically-faithful Anglicans, as well as abundant information about ANiC and its parent, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

BOOKMARKING:  By the way, did you know that you can bookmark any of our blog post categories (News, Resources, Sermons, etc.) and connect to all of the posts in that category in your Bookmarks?

Here’s how:

First, go to the category you want to follow (for example, to follow News point at the News & Resources menu heading and click on “News”).

Then, if you use Firefox, click on your Bookmarks menu and click on “Subscribe to this page“.  In the box that pops up, click on “Subscribe to Anglican Sojourners Fellowship >> name Category Feed“.  Select the folder where you want to store the bookmark and click on “Done”.
If you use Internet Explorer, click on your Favorites menu and click on “Add a Favorite“.  Select the folder where you want to store the favorite and and click “Add”.

Note:  Firefox will actually create a folder for the feed and will display all of the most current postings in the folder.  IE will simply connect you to the most recent post.