Joining The Fellowship


The founding purpose of the Anglican Sojourners’ Fellowship is to support and to encourage faithful Christians attempting to live their lives as disciples of Jesus Christ in a wide variety of circumstances. Our aim is to provide a community that will complement and enrich their Christian journey on an ongoing basis.

For this reason, joining the community is intended to be as simple as possible. Membership carries no obligations and is not restricted to Anglicans. Members do not need to be affiliated with an ANiC Anglican church (now or in future). The only requirements for joining  are to ensure respect for the purpose of the  Fellowship and a basis for trusting the other participants in the community.

These requirements include a commitment:

  1. to accept the historic faith of the Christian Church over the centuries as it has recently been expressed in the Jerusalem Declaration of 2008; and
  2. to comply with our House Rules.

Our Membership Form can be filled out online.

Note:  to comply with Privacy laws, we can only accept membership from persons at least 13 years old.


While we have not established rigid categories of membership, there are at least two ways for you to participate:

Use the website to supplement your other Christian involvements by staying informed about the Fellowship, accessing resources, commenting on blog posts, and joining the forums.  We will soon be starting an ASF e-zine, which you will be invited to join.

Volunteer to play a more active role in the life of the ASF – by joining the prayer team, becoming a blogger, volunteering to take on a “portfolio” such as Resource Coordinator or Circles Development & Liaison.

To take on a more active role, or just to ask questions, use the Contact Us form at the bottom of any page to send us an email.

The Importance of Membership

The Anglican Sojourners’ Fellowship is founded on the principle that we will discern the will of our Lord through prayer and in the resulting insights of a faithful community. Each Sojourner member has an vital part to play in this ongoing journey of faith and discipleship.