ASF Ministries: Church Partnerships

ASF Ministry: Church Partnership.CHURCH PARTNERSHIPS

As an outreach ministry of the Anglican Network in Canada, the ASF has the potential to affiliate with ANiC parish churches which may not be located within commuting distances but where there are opportunities for other forms of joint ministry partnership between an ANiC parish church and the ASF or one or its Circles.

For instance:

  • A parish might work with the ASF on adapting or supplementing on-line sermon series (video or audio) for access and use from the website.
  • The ASF might host a web service for small ANiC churches or plants which do not yet have the scale to provide their own website.
  • An ANiC parish might take on a regional role of encouraging the formation of Circles within a range of, say, 3 hours driving time which would allow for  some joint activities and perhaps the development of a “circuit rider” ministry.

There are probably as many other potential areas of collaboration as there are innovative individuals to step forward!

As well, while the ASF is an ANiC outreach ministry, one of its founding principles is to encourage faithful Christian witness and discipleship across denominational lines based on Jesus’ statement: “And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd.” (John 10:16). For this reason ANiC  membership is not required for Sojourner Circle membership and is not an “exclusive” membership requirement for anyone in the ASF. This means that there is a potential for building partnership arrangements with other gospel-proclaiming churches who are comfortable with orthodox Anglican belief as expressed in the Jerusalem Declaration.

One possibility here may be for orphan Anglicans to form a Sojourner Circle fellowship which would operate in partnership with a local church of another denomination  where Anglican orphans are already attending.


Are you involved in lay or clerical ministry in an ANiC Parish that might have an interest in exploring the development of a ministry partnership with the ASF?

Can you see a potential for a partnership with another church in your locality to jointly pursue the fellowship and discipleship objectives of the ASF?