A Call To Ministry

ASF Ministry: Circle Building.The ministry of the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship is based on having as large a group of participants as possible. Relying on volunteers is not primarily a matter of money,but of the inherent nature of a fellowship: working together to build the group and to welcome newcomers to take part in it with their own talents. Belonging grows out of participating.

An even more important objective – as we have discovered in setting up the ASF –is that speaking and listening to one another enables us to learn God’s purposes for us all. That is why ASF members are asked to assent to the Jerusalem Declaration. It provides a common language of faith to conduct these conversations on the basis of what C.S. Lewis has called the “enormous common ground” of orthodox Christianity.

ASF Ministry: Website & Virtual Meetings.SO, HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE?

In order to answer this question it is important to outline the two core objectives of the ASF:

BELONGINGCreating fellowship involves building a sense of trust in belonging. Most of us in the ASF face some degree of physical isolation or estrangement from churches in which we no longer feel comfortable. The ASF tries to overcome this physical isolation by developing the use of two “virtual” tools (the website as a central “community” and resource for ASF members, and a combination of audio-visual tools allowing physically-separated members to “meet” together).

ASF Ministry: Church Partnership.However – because it is difficult to build and sustain fellowship solely on the basis of “virtual” aids – we have adopted a main model of building the ASF as a “community of communities” through the creation of “Sojourner Circles” which can hold physical meetings supported and encouraged by the resources and linkages on the ASF website. Jesus told his disciples: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20).

DISCIPLESHIP:  Fellowship is not just an end in itself. Identifying ourselves as Christians means that we commit ourselves to live as followers of Jesus Christ. To be a Christian is to become a disciple.

For the ASF to help to equip its members to serve as disciples of our risen Lord, we seek to encourage and enable one another to serve Him inASF Ministry: Specific Ministries. whatever capacity and context he may call us into. This means that much of the content of our fellowship will be focused on this objective.

One of the advantages of a broadly based volunteer fellowship is to avoid overwhelming anyone with responsibilities. There are at least four general areas where volunteer contributions are needed and within each of those area it is possible to identify a number of functions needed for the Fellowship to grow. These functions can be performed in different ways and in various combinations. In the end the shape and growth of the ASF will depend on individuals responding to a sense of God’s calling to contribute insights and talents that they may not yet even realize that they have been given.

This can only come as a result of prayer as we each seek to know where Our Lord is calling us into service. It may be:
– to recover a sense of community in order to know more clearly God’s purposes for our individual lives.
– to identify and fill a gap in our own experience of local worship.
– to learn new skills to complement what we are already doing in a local community or church.

For this reason, we would ask you to prayerfully consider the areas of ministry in the context of that same call Jesus issued to his first disciples: “follow me”.

Once you have had an opportunity to consider them in prayer we would appreciate your feedback, including any questions you may have about specific ministries or suggestions about how the ASF should proceed.


In the four areas of ministry below, we have attempted to identify possible contributions and to highlight specific questions to assist you in focusing your prayer.  Click on a link for full details.

ASF Ministry: Circle Building.1. CIRCLE BUILDING:  Helping with building and leading a local Sojourners Circle.




ASF Ministry: Website & Virtual Meetings.2. WEBSITE MANAGEMENT/VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Helping to manage and maintain the ASF website – a WordPress website – and/or to help with our virtual meeting software, currently GoToMeeting.




ASF Ministry: Church Partnership.3. CHURCH PARTNERSHIPS: The ASF is looking for ANiC parishes which would be willing to partner with us in reaching out to Anglican “orphans” in various ways – and for other gospel-proclaiming churches who are comfortable with orthodox Anglican belief as expressed in the Jerusalem Declaration, and might be willing to provide space for a Sojourner Circle to meet.



ASF Ministry: Specific Ministries.4. SPECIFIC MINISTRIES: These include ordained ministries (i.e. retired ANiC clergy), prayer ministries (especially an ASF Prayer Coordinator), pastoral support (such as a virtual “spiritual medic service” for individuals in crisis), welcoming/membership support, liaison/administrative services (liaison with ANiC, an ASF treasurer, inter-circle liaison), and technical support (keeping up with the technology needed to serve and connect our members).


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