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As orthodox Christians, we are entering a new land and we will not survive or flourish in that new land if we do not talk to each other about the way ahead and how we should proceed.  We do not want to dwell on the past.  For many of us, our recent experiences in the churches we have left behind have been painful.  Now, we must leave all that to God and look to the future with all its promise and adventure.  We are not alone.

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Visitors are always welcome as guests on the site’s public spaces, just as in a regular church. Look around, use the resources, leave comments on the public blog posts.

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Joining our community is intended to be as simple as possible. Membership carries no obligations and is not restricted to Anglicans. Members do not need to be affiliated with an ANiC Anglican church (now or in future).  The only requirements are that you must be in agreement with the Jerusalem Declaration, and while on the website you must abide by the House Rules.

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Note:  to comply with Privacy laws, we can only accept membership from persons at least 13 years old.