Making Connections

Making Connections:  Find a Sojourner Circle

There are three new Sojourner Circles currently in the works:

unnamed, London, Ontario:
Do you love the Anglican tradition of worship, but long for Biblical teaching and meaningful fellowship? Are you interested in meeting with “kindred spirits” in and around London? If so, please contact Anita at anitamevans3 (at)

The Circle, Elora/Fergus area, Ontario

unnamed, Owen Sound, Ontario

Watch here for contact and meeting info as it becomes available!

Making Connections With Each Other

One of the purposes of the ASF is to make it possible for “orphans” to make contact with each other.

We envision several possibilities:

  1. Locally, individuals joining to form a “Sojourners Circle”, and possibly eventually turning into an ANiC church plant;
  2. On a broader local basis, individuals getting together in a forum for discussion;
  3. On a regional basis, groups either meeting in a forum, or possibly getting together online via GoToMeeting or Skype for voice-to-voice or video-to-video meetings
  4. Whatever the Holy Spirit may suggest!

In order to open up a dialogue on the possibilities, we’ve created a members forum called “Making Connections” – join in the discussion!

ASF Online Meetings

We use video conferencing software called GoToMeeting for “face-to-face” meetings.  (This is the way the ASF Interim Steering Committee meets every couple of weeks).

GoToMeeting (GTM) is professional software widely used for international business meetings, but the experience of the Steering Committee has been that it can take time to get used to the technology and to the patterns of a virtual meeting.  We find that the only way to sort out problems is to work them out in actual meetings with patience and a healthy sense of humour!  Using this approach, we have found video meetings to be a very enjoyable fellowship experience.

For information on using GoToMeeting software, download our Using GoToMeeting PDF file.  You’ll find additional help in the GoToMeeting Quick Reference Guide PDF file, and on the GoToMeeting website at

Connecting With ANiC and Existing ANiC Churches

It’s possible that you already live not too far from an ANiC Anglican church.  You can find the nearest ANiC church on the “ANiC Parishes” page of the ANiC website.

And did you realize that ANiC has its own YouTube channel?  Visit their channel at – and if you have a YouTube account, don’t forget to subscribe!

Proceeding Wisely

Of course, we must keep in mind the potential dangers involved – with all of us being recovering sinners, with society the way it is today, and with the particular dangers that lurk on the Internet.  Any group formation must be made with caution and with a structure that minimizes the dangers.