SERMON: Sola Gracia (Charlie Masters at St. George’s Anglican)

This is Charlie Masters’ Nov. 18 sermon at St. George’s Anglican Church – right after Charlie was elected Coadjutor Bishop for ANiC.  Wonderful sermon on the theme “Grace Alone” – do listen!

Sola Gracia (Charlie Masters | St. George’s Anglican)

SERMONS: St. John’s Vancouver

St. John’s Vancouver, an ANiC parish, has a website page for their sermons – well worth browsing!

“These are original sermons given at St. John’s by our clergy team and guest speakers. Please feel free to use these audio files and to redistribute them to others without alteration and without charge. Some audio files include material in addition to the sermon.”

On the St. John’s Sermons page you can also subscribe to their Sermons Podcast.

St. John’s Vancouver Online Sermons

Sermon: Fear Not (Christmas Eve 2011, Christ The King Anglican Church, Toronto)

Fear Not!

But the angel said to them,”Do not be afraid; for see–I am bringing you good news of
great joy for all the people.” (Luke 2:10)

“Fear not!” That was the angelic word to the shepherds who were in the fields that first
Christmas night. I believe these same words are just as appropriate for us gathered
here today at Christ the King. Fear not! But what are we afraid of?

This past week I came across an article in the Atlantic magazine with an eye-catching
title: “The Secret to a Merry Christmas? Skip the Mall, Go to Church.”2 It was part of a
series they entitled “Santa-nomics” which looked at the economics around the whole
Christmas season. This article pointed to the findings of a study conducted by the
University of Missouri which basically discovered that people’s happiness increased
during the Christmas season if they spent lots of time being with family and being
involved in religious practices. However if your focus was on the more “materialistic”
aspects of Christmas, both in spending money or even in receiving gifts, there was an
opposite effect on your well-being. What I found even more interesting was that those
who tried to limit their spending, for instance by setting a family spending limit, reported
feeling even more stress. So giving and receiving Christmas gifts are bad for your
emotional well-being. Aren’t you glad that you took the time to come to church this
afternoon instead of doing your last minute shopping? Are we feeling merry yet?

(Read the rest of the sermon in PDF format:  Sermon: Fear Not)
(Visit the church website:  Christ The King Anglican Church, Toronto)