Welcome to the ASF Blogs section!  Here you will find all of our regular blogs.  Click on a link below to view a blog, or just select the blog from the “ASF Blogs” drop-down menu.

CIRCLE BLOGS:  These blogs created by existing Sojourner Circles can also be found under the “Circles” menu.

The Circle (new!): Two orphans in Central Wellington, Ontario create the first ASF Circle.  (ASF members Zena D. and Darcy).
GENERAL BLOGS:  Blogs about various aspects of being a Sojourner.

A Bridge Of Living Stones “Our vision is to be a bridge of Living Stones, connecting the parts of the Church for sojourners on the road to Heaven.” (Mark Larratt-Smith, ASF Convenor).

Musings of An Anglican Sojourner:  personal notes on the life of an Anglican orphan (Jeri-Lynn Woods, former ASF ISC/Webmaster.)

ANiC Goes To War:  “We are going to have to become – no doubt much against our will – the mobile units of the Christian church.  We are going to have to learn far more about operating in small groups and building those small groups from scratch.”  (ASF member Darcy)

Remember to check out the News & Resources section for blog posts involving ASF-related news, online resources, sermons (mostly audio files from ANiC churches), and useful Links, as well as the text of the Jerusalem Declaration.