The ASF Action Plan

Anglican Sojourners Fellowship
Revised Action Plan
[June 9 2013]

(Or click the link to download the ASF Action Plan as a PDF file)

  1. Purpose:
    1. To restore individuals to active membership in the Body of Christ
    2. To provide a lifeline (connection) to faithful Anglican worship and teaching
    3. To form disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. Membership:
    The initial focus should be on Faithful Anglican Christians who fall into one of 3 categories

    1.  They no longer have an allegiance to the ACoC, though they may still be nominally attending an ACoC church;
    2. They have left the ACoC and are attending another denomination, but who still miss aspects of Anglican Christianity; and
    3. They are isolated from any local church due to geography, work patterns, travel commitments, or simply due to profound disillusionment with institutional church
  3. ASF Identity:
    1. An outreach Ministry sponsored by ANiC
    2. A “Para-church” organization providing a link to authentic Anglican Christianity
    3. Locally-led horizontal  fellowship  supported by ministries within the Anglican tradition
  4. Method:
    1. Encouraging the formation and growth of Sojourner Circles (informal fellowships operating locally or virtually as appropriate)
    2. Supporting the Circles with resources as they identify needs
    3. Giving  them the ability to share their challenges  and successes on the website
    4. Encouraging  members to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ
  5. Resourcing:
    1. Our most urgent resource need is for an active volunteer base to share in ministry at both the Circle and the Fellowship level
    2. The intention is that Circles’ financial outlays will be minimal and can be covered directly by members.
    3. As an outreach ministry of ANiC, the ASF will need to maintain a small budget to provide support services (website, video conferencing , teaching material, sponsored meetings, etc.)
      1. Complete the ANiC–ASF Memorandum of Understanding
      2. identify the most pressing program requirements and recruit  a core of active volunteers to coordinate them
      3. Gradually build a process to continually refresh and update the website with current news and resources