About Us


We welcome visitors and seekers as does any ANiC church, but being part of a community, especially on the internet,  involves  establishing a common basis for trust and fellowship. For this reason, we have made assent to the Jerusalem Declaration an essential basis for participation and membership in the ASF. If you are interested in  becoming a member of the Fellowship you wil find further information on the Joining The Fellowship Page, or you can fill out the Membership Application Form.

The Anglican Sojourner Fellowship is guided by the Interim Steering Committee under an Executive Committee of the ANiC Council.

 Who We Are

The focus of the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship has been on Anglican orphans. Some have left their parishes or the Anglican Church entirely. Others endure within churches that have diluted or renounced the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Fellowship has been established by the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) which follows the historic faith of Christianity as expressed by the orthodox Anglicans around the world in the “Jerusalem Declarationof 2008.

Our Aim

The aim for the ASF is to develop an on-line community that will connect and  support those who feel themselves to be “orphans” estranged from a society and from churches which have abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ for human centred spirituality.

As we have set about creating this Fellowship we have recognized that it also has the potential to serve and to encourage Christians from other denominations that are facing many of the same strains as Canadian Anglicans, as well as other believing Christians who have simply given up on church entirely and are attempting to serve God without any community to support them.

The purpose of the ASF is:
– To restore individuals to active membership in the Body of Christ.
– To provide a lifeline – a connection – to faithful Anglican worship and teaching.
– To form disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
(ASF Action Plan)

The challenges of geography and isolation have led us to build this fellowship in the virtual world, but its primary purpose is to nurture community, not to provide a snacking site or a debating society on the merits of Christianity. There are many other sites available for those  purposes.

The Action Plan

Check out the ASF Action Plan for a detailed understanding of how we plan to carry out our mission and purpose.  Or you can download the ASF Action Plan as a PDF file.

Where We Meet

Online!  The membership of the ASF is scattered over half the world – from England to California – although the majority are in Canada.  The ASF Interim Steering Committee meets online via GoToMeeting.

We are working on setting up all-member online meetings, and our hope is to eventually help members connect to others in their local area (at least in the same province or state!) for either online or face-to-face meetings and fellowship.


The Anglican Sojourner Fellowship (ASF) is a ministry of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC).

“The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) is an ecclesial (church) body under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, one of 38 jurisdictions in the worldwide Anglican Communion. ANiC is a diocese within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).”

ANiC address:  Box 1013, Burlington, ON  L7R 4L8  Canada

ANiC’s Mission:  Building Biblically faithful, Gospel sharing, Anglican Churches.