Ontario: The Circle Prepares For Action

D’Arcy and Zena are laying plans for the opening of their circle, The Circle (in the Fergus-Elora area of Ontario).  Here’s the text of the news item they ran in their local paper on July 17:

“Something Different” proposed by Elora duo

Two Elora residents are hoping residents want “to turn over a new leaf” when it comes to their Christian faith.

“The buds have arrived, leaves have sprouted and spring cleaning and gardening and summer plans are in the works.  Many of us hope that things might be different this year – we will see new places, meet new people, get out of our same old rut”, says Zena Attwood.  “I think that I need to get our of my same old rut by making some changes inside my head and how I act and what I believe – believe about other people, about how the world functions, and how God fits into all of this.  Do I really have to act this year the same way I did last year?”

Originally from England, over 40 years ago, she moved to Elora five years ago.  She, along with D’Arcy Luxton who retired to Elora from Hamilton, “are going to make a start on that by starting a new church group.  Not a new church, exactly, as there will be no church building  and the formal structures of church worship and parish life will be absent.”

Centre Wellington is already well supplied with these – all of which are working hard to serve their communities and bear witness to the Christian faith, the duo says.  Their group has much more modest ambitions.

“We will meet on Sundays, in rented premises, with the intention of serving those in our community who have no church home and are adrift”, Attwood says.  “We are members of the Anglican Network in Canada (www.anglicannetwork.ca), which means that we strive to present the Christian faith in its fullness.”

In the present culture, many people experience difficulty.  Many suffer from thwarted happiness or spiritual anguish.

“This is where we hope to be of service.  While we have many active churches in  Central Wellington, the Christian presence in the highways and bi-ways and along the hedges and at the edges of things is less evident.  This is also where we hope to serve,”  Attwood says.  “Our Canadian economy is not buoyant and we may face years of economic challenge and relentless austerity.  In such circumstances, we believe the need for small Christian groups meeting regularly, but of no fixed address, will increase.”

Attwood and Luxton are inviting everyone “to come and see.  We invite you to come with your queries about Christianity.  We would like to be of service.  The Christian religion is 2000 years old.  Our group is new.  You may like the idea of being part of something old that is brand new.  We do.”

Details of where and when will be published in the Fergus Elora News Express.  In the meantime, further info can be obtained by sending an email to cw.circle4u@gmail.com.

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