Month: May, 2013

Moving Back

Well, my experiment with going to the local ACOC church lasted just three weeks.  Even my husband (who isn’t much of a church-goer, although he remembers the traditional Anglican church of his youth with great fondness) didn’t like them.  So he’s gone back to Sundays-at-home and I’m going back to the local Church of God church, where at least they worship God “in spirit and in truth”!

One thing this sojourn has done: it’s greatly increased my longing to belong to an ANiC Anglican church.  And it’s made me all the more eager to do everything I can, as part of the Anglican Sojourners Fellowship, to reach out to other Anglican “orphans”.

As a member of the Interim Steering Committee of the ASF, I’m united with the other Steering Committee members in diligently seeking ways to reach out through the ASF.  One of our ideas is to start an email newsletter, which people will be able to subscribe to from this site.  This should be a great way for members (and site visitors) to get news about the ASF and ANiC, plus articles of interest, resources and anything else we can think of – all delivered directly to your email inbox.

As always, we want very much to hear from others as to what they, as orphans, want and need – as well as ideas you may have for reaching out to others in the same boat.  Please feel free to leave comments on this blog post, or use the Contact Form at the bottom of any page to contact us.