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The Anglican Communion Alliance

“We are the Anglican Communion Alliance (formerly the Anglican Essentials Federation).  In the light of recent developments within orthodoxy in Canadian Anglicanism, we are establishing ourselves as a separate organization to continue the affirmation of classical Anglicanism within the Anglican Church of Canada.”

“The reasoning behind the transformation and our new name is as follows:

a. “Anglican” is Anglicanism in its classical form (as clarified by the wide coalition of orthodox Canadian Anglicans in the 1994 Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials)

b. The “Communion” is the Anglican communion that is being reaffirmed around the Anglican Covenant

c. The “Alliance” is the banding together of congregations and individuals across the country who share our specific vision and mission”

“OUR VISION: to be the theological and spiritual rallying-point for historic orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada.”

“OUR MISSION: to call the Anglican Church of Canada to embrace and live by its orthodox Christian heritage under the renewing guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

To find out more, visit the Anglican Communion Alliance website.

Jeri-Lynn is the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship's Web Manager.

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