E-pistle #3:  February 15 2012

Anglican Sojourners Fellowship E-pistle #3

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

This is the third general newsletter to those who have expressed an interest in the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship (ASF). It has taken longer to prepare than I would have wished for some of the reasons outlined below, but there is progress to report and new challenges to discuss. The first report of progress is that the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship now has a page on the ANiC website. It provides a brief summary of the origins and aims of the Fellowship and includes a link to the two previous E-pistles as well ( for those of you who have not received them). The page can be found at:

Hidden Pain

Over the past weeks, in stories from some of you, I have become increasingly aware of the deep undercurrent of pain borne by many who feel abandoned and estranged from their churches. Being an “orphan” is not just about the circumstances of isolation, but about disillusionment and loss of trust. As I have experienced it myself, it is very often a pain hidden even from the bearer. What is more serious is that loss of trust in the institutions of the church can so easily lead to estrangement from the Lord of the Church. In forming this Sojourner’s Fellowship, we must each be prepared to address this issue. We need to support one another in seeking healing  and we must each be prepared to consider that a part of that healing will involve our own acts of repentance – and of an ongoing commitment of turning to Jesus Christ…

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Jeri-Lynn is the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship's Web Manager.

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