ASF News: ANiC E-pistle #2

E-pistle #2:  December 16 2011

Anglican Sojourner Fellowship E-pistle #2

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

This is my second general newsletter to those who have expressed an interest in the development of the Sojourner Fellowship. I will attempt to include the first package of material for those who have expressed an interest since it went out on November 14. I apologize to all of you in advance. This is a clumsy way of sharing information, but it is important to keep everyone informed as we go along. Once the SF website is functioning and we have an interactive chat capability (see Sections below) it should make communications much easier for everyone.

I want to start by sharing a prayer with you:

Lord God Almighty, You hold all things in the palm of Your hand. You hold each of us individually and You hold us all together as a part of Your Church in this Sojourner Fellowship initiative. We ask that You will guide us by Your Holy Spirit in this work: Protect us, Prevent us, Inspire us, enable us that all may be done to Your honour and glory. We pray this in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. AMEN

The Challenge We Face

As I have heard from some of you and as I have explored further the implications of creating a virtual church as an integral part of the mission of the Anglican Network in Canada, I am daunted by the challenge of what we are undertaking. At the same time I am even more deeply convinced that this is a remarkable opportunity…

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Jeri-Lynn is the Anglican Sojourner Fellowship's Web Manager.

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